School service changes due to coronavirus

Schools are closed except for children of key workers. The in year admissions applications process is open but we won't process applications until schools resume. Pupils who are eligible for free school meals have the option to claim weekly shopping vouchers from their schools during the coronavirus outbreak. Offers for reception and junior places for the September 2020 intake will still go ahead as planned on 16 April 2020. Read all the details of changes

Help with your child's learning at home

We have compiled a list of the best websites that offer free learning resources, ideas, activities, lessons and more, for you to use at home. View the list

Bullying in schools

Bullying is wrong and it affects the victim, impacts on our friends and family and the wider community, but also affects the perpetrator.​

It is important that you do not struggle alone when you are being bullied, always tell a person who you can trust. This will then help you to access the support and guidance that you may need during a difficult time.

What is classed as bullying?

The Government's definition of bullying is: "Behaviour by an individual or group usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally."

The websites and resources below have been put together to help you to get more information, help and advice.

Telephone helplines and helpful websites

Drop in advice for secondary school pupils

  • Youth Zone, 10 Headley Close, High Street, Romford
  • Information Shop for Young People, 110 Petersfield Avenue, Harold Hill

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