Important information about the application process

Havering uses a co-ordinated admissions system when processing In Year Applications.

This systems allows parents to list the schools they want to apply for on one form (the ‘In-year common application form’ or ICAF), ranking them in order of preference.

This is important as we will offer only one school place for each child. If possible, we will offer your child a place at the highest-ranked school on your application form which has places available.

The admission authority for each school you have listed on your application will decide whether or not to offer your child a place.

If a school is oversubscribed (receives more applications than there are places available), the admission authority will use their published admissions criteria to decide who to offer places to.

We will not tell the schools where you ranked them on your application or tell a school about other schools you have also applied to. However, if you appeal for a place, we will pass this information to the admission authority at the appeal stage.

It is important that you rank the schools in your true order of preference because if we can offer your child a place at two or more of the schools you have listed, we will give your child a place at the one you ranked the highest out of these schools, and release all other lower preferences.

These places are then offered to other parents who do not have a school place for their child. If you live in Havering and it is not possible to offer your child a place at one of your preferred schools, we will give your child a place at the school which is nearest to your home with a space. You will need to contact your home borough or council if you live outside of Havering and we cannot offer your child a school place.

We ask that you give information about your child’s previous school to make sure that the process of changing schools is as smooth as possible. You can answer these questions on your application or give us permission to contact your child’s previous school for these details.

The information about your child’s experience at their previous school means that we may consider your application under the ‘fair access protocol’ process. Under this process we can ask a school to go over their admission number to make sure that children we deal with under this category are shared evenly between our schools.

If your child has never attended a UK school, they may need to have an assessment, which will be carried out by the school we offer your child a place at. 

It is not compulsory to provide details within the relevant sections of your application, but the more information you share with us, the better we can meet your child’s needs.

Similarly, we may have to withdraw our offer if it later comes to light that you did not give us information, but your child’s application should have been processed under other admissions policies such as our ‘Fair access policy’. 

In some circumstances we cannot offer your child a place at a school even if there are places available. For example, if your application indicates your child has significant behaviour or attendance issues that will affect a school, or if Ofsted rates a school as ‘Requires improvement’.

Read our in year fair access protocol

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